024 Lost Podcast 05-21-06 Three Minutes – A Closer Look

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 21, 2006

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Lost Podcast: Better Late Than Never! Special thanks to Orien Colmer and Dina Scott for joining me this week for a short panel discussion as we took a Second Look at the epsiode titled Three Minutes!

Check out the Project Management Podcast called Controlling Chaos by Dina Scott. Dina was one of our guest hosts this week and even if you are not involved in Project Management, I promise you that you would love this podcast. They talk about a variety of topics that will be applicable to most all fields of employment and just life in general!

In this podcast, I mentioned that Les, from the Generally Speaking Lost Forum, responded to Rem's request for any thoughts on the topc of bi-location related to lost. In his response, Les wrote…

Hi Rem,

In listening to the latest podcast (after “Three Minutes”) I was struck by a comment you made about bilocation.

You said it's an Eastern Buddhist thing. I don't know about that. I went to the New Advent website (answers to all things Catholic) and I found a post which seems to be mostly negative on the topic. I then googled Padre Pio. Padre Pio was an Italian friar who lived in the 20th century. He was very, very holy and much loved, and he is particularly known for bilocation. My google search found this site from EWTN, a well respected Catholic TV network.


I also found bilocation on the New Advent website. Results here are somewhat dubious. But since Padre Pio is now a saint, the philosophers may have to rethink their positions!


To go along with this, Father Roderick, who is one of my favorite podcasters just announced recently that there is a new podcast called the SaintCast. Most people understand that I am not Catholic, but I couldn't get over the fact that in the promo for this podcast, the first epsiode was devoted to the Saint known as Padre Pio.

You can find the SaintCast at http://sqpn.com.

Jay & Jack, from the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack, were featured in an AP News Story titled ‘Lost' In The Podcast. Congratulations guys! Stephanie and I are are honored that were were also mentioned in the article along with you.

Here are some some screen captures from this episode. Click on the thumbnails to pop-up larger versions.

The Stone Structure:

Mrs. Klugh?
23psalm-cap320.jpg 23psalm-cap002.jpg

Walt's Description of Stone Landmark

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