025 Lost Podcast 05-25-06 Live Together Die Alone – Initial Reaction

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 24, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

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Best Two Hours Of Television This Year! WOW! We have so much to absorb! This is our Initial Reaction epsiode of Generally Speaking. We share our initial thoughts on this awesome season finale of Season Two. It was amazing.

We are excited about a new sponsor for our show, www.AllStarFigures.com. McFarlane Toys has just announced the creation of the new LOST Figurines. We are still looking into the details of this hot new item. From what little I understand now, the Charlie Figurine is already available or at least will be very shortly. We will have more details in our weekend show where we take a CLOSER LOOK at this episode, Live Together, Die Alone.

Until, then, check out this awesome photo of this figurine!

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