027 My Crazy Life 08/29/06 Jim’s Email

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 29, 2006

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

In this podcast we talk about an email we got from James. I don't know if I am happy with the way the podcast turned out as I had recorded during a lunch break and so I was in a rush to get back to work. I had been wanting to answer this email in a podcast for just over a month and today was the first opportunity for us to get it out there.

James, I hope this helped in some small way.

In the show, I shared two on my new favorite songs that I had heard as a result of listening to the TARTAN PODCAST!

The first song is titled “Waterlily” by karine Polwart.

The second song we played was called “Turn” by Khromozome.

If you liked either of their songs, please check out their websites!

Stephanie found the Obituary for Colin Mackay. The obituary tells a story that mimicks the sadness of the song Waterlily.

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