028 Virtual Assistant Podcast – Internet Limitations And Hiring Five Virtual Assistants

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 21, 2010

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Plan A Foiled – A Call For Plan B:
Have you ever had a brilliant idea, of how your life can be simplified by having your VA take over one of those repetitive tasks that you simply do over and over again, only to be foiled by a technical limitation? This is what has happened to me this week.

Last week, on episode 0027 of the Virtual Assistant Podcast, I had a brilliant plan laid out in my mind about how my assistant would process my podcast recordings for me. The idea was pretty simply. I would simply put the audio recordings into a shared DropBox folder. This would upload my file to the server and then download it into that shared folder on her desktop. She would then use Adobe Audition to process the file the way that I would teach her to do it. She would then upload the file to my media host and post it to my various sites.

However, I didn’t take into account the limitations of Internet bandwidth on her end. You see, I live in an area where we have an abundance of options for internet. In fact, my studio has 3 ISPs accessable at all times. I have Cable Internet for my main computing with a steady 10mbps down and a good 3mbps up. I also have a DSL connection that is pretty much dedicated to my streaming of live audio and video on Thursdays. My DSL connection has a steady 4mbps down and an average of .6mbps up. Those connections are running at all times. Then, if things get really bad and the electric goes out, I can fire up my laptop and my Virgin Mobile Wireless MyFi device which gives me speeds that are around 1mbps Down and about .6mbps up.

My assistant, however, does not have an abundance of options when it comes to Internet connectivity. She has “Line of Sight” wireless broadband access. In her area of the country, this and Satellite are her only options. While on the phone with her, we did a speed test and found that she’s getting about .4mbps and about .2mbps up speed.

At this rate of speed, the transfer of the unprocessed files from my computer to her computer and then the transfer of the processed files from her computer to my media host would make the process quite impractical. The two main issues would be the amount of time required for the transfer of files and the the fact that this would consume all of my assistant’s bandwidth which would keep her from doing other work via the internet.

There is a backup plan that I may decide to pursue. I have an extra windows based system, here in the studio, that I no longer use. I could put the files on that computer, which would take almost no time at all to do. I could then allow my assistant to log in via LogMeIn and use the software on my computer to process the files. She could then use my bandwidth to upload those files to my media server.

I am going to give this some thought and see if I am ready to give Plan B a try. The issue here would be that she would be using my Cable internet bandwidth while I was on a Skype conversation with a co-host.

Interview with Dean Soto:
In this episode, I interview Dean Soto, an entrepreneur who has hired as many as five virtual assistants to build a business from the ground up. I share a casual conversation with him about where he came up with the idea of hiring so many VAs. We talk about how he used http://onlinejobs.ph to find the virtual assistants who help him do his web development business.

Also in this interview, we talked about a service at https://manymoon.com that helps him manage projects. I have since looked at this service and have not found it to be very intuitive. I am going to give it a little more time and watch the tutorials to see if I can find out why so many people like this service.

Dean recently interviewed me on his podcast. To find out more about Dean’s business and to hear the interview he did with me, check out the following link:

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