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by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 24, 2011

in The Community Voice

James Kennison and his wife, Jenn live in St. Petersburg, Florida where they serve as children's pastors. They have two children. Jenna is six and the boy, J, is 3.

James has been podcasting since December of 2006 when he and his brother launched Nobody's Listening, a clean comedy podcast where they share funny life stories.

Since that time James has started several other shows that can be found at http://www.nlcast.com including Explicit Answers, Podcast Kid, Help! I'm A Children's Pastor and CHOP! The Axe Cop Podcast.

James also does high-quality, low-cost artwork over at http://www.drawyouapicture.com for podcasts and ministries.

For a daily dose of his fixation on the Disney/Pixar character Buzz Lightyear you can visit http://www.youremockingmearentyou.com where James is posting one piece of Buzz Lightyear artwork per day for one year.

Links for James:
Faebook – http://facebook.com/nlcast
Twitter – http://twitter.com/nlcast
gspn.tv ommunity site – http://gspncommunity.com/profile/JamesKennison

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