030 Lost Podcast 06-17-06 S1 Ep03 Tabula Rasa

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 17, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

Lost Podcast: Thousands of devoted LOST fans from around the world are taking part in the Generally Speaking Summer Review of Season's 1 and 2. We agree with John Locke when he said, “We're going to need to watch that again.”

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New Format for our show will now include to MAIN segments. Character Analysis and Exploring the Mystery! We would love your feedback on our Lost Forum with your thoughts on these two new segments.

Stephanie mentioned that I did a weblog post in between playing Online Poker whie she was getting ready to deliver our third child. Here's The Blog Entry… Read the note at 11:45am…. The comments during the post were sooo much fun!

Screen Captures from Jorge Garcia's appearance on Celebrity Poker Showdown. (Click for Larger Image)
GarciaBluff.jpgGarcia Poker1.jpg

Movie Trailer for “Boone's” new movie “Pulse.”

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