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by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 24, 2010

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I Hate Getting Forms In The Mail From Government Agencies!
I hate getting forms from the government in the mail. My CPA handles most of my business reports and filings. However, occasionally, I will receive a form in the mail that says stuff like if I have more than ten employees within any given month, I must fill out an annual report online and warns of very steep penalties if I don’t immediately respond.

What do you do when you get a form like this, where you are almost certain that it does not pertain to you, but you’re just not sure? Well, if you are me, you give it to your VA and ask them to look into it.

In this case, I simply set the letter down on my desk, and I used the JotNot Pro iPhone application to take a photo of the document. It then turned it into a “scanned” PDF document. This program can “scan” multiple pages by taking multiple photos and put them into a single PDF.

I then created a “case/project” in HighRise and attached this scanned document and asked Andrea to please conctact my CPA to see if I need to do anything with this. I then filed the form away and will wait till I hear back one way or another from Andrea.

Why didn’t I just call my CPA? Because I can never get them on the phone right when I need them and I don’t want the hassle of letting that document sit on my “to do” list.

Benfits of Hiring A Virtual Assistant Over An Employee
– A Virtual Assistant is almost always there when you need them.
– You only pay for the hours when you need your VA.
– No expenses such as benefits or vacation pay.
– No requirement for office space.
– VAs use their own equipment!
– They are always upgrading their education at their own cost.
– Virtual Assistants are almost always connected to other people who can help you.
– A Virtual Assistant can do things that you are not skilled enough to do.
– You can hire as many or as little Virtual Assistants as you want depending on how much work you have on your plate.
– Many Virtual Assistants are often willing to work outside normal office hours.
– There really are so many more benefits!

Other Questions Covered In This Episode:
– How far in advance should you let your VA know you need them to work over a holiday

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