035 Biggest Loser Podcast – Catching Up With Losing It With Jillian

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 21, 2010

in Balanced Living Weekly, Balanced Living Weekly

Biggest Loser Podcast[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/gspn/BiggestLoser035-LosingItCatchup.mp3]
Biggest Loser Fan Podcast
With Cliff Ravenscraft & Father Roderick

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In this episode, Fr. Roderick and Cliff discuss recent episodes of Losing It With Jillian. They talk briefly about the topic of smoking. Maggie called in to ask about whether or not there was a good recommendation for a pedometer iPhone app. Cliff suggested using an actual pedometer and shared the one that he uses at https://gspn.tv/pedometer. Several folks called in about the Jillian Michaels iPhone App, which Father Roderick said he will give a try this week.

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