035 My Crazy Life – Father Roderick & SQPN

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 22, 2006

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

Father Roderick has been the single most greatest influence on my podcasting. It is Father Roderick that has really inspired me to give a flavor to each show I do usinging nice musical intros, bumpers, and sound effects during our podcasts.

It is he who has inspired me to go to a live recording format which makes for a much more enjoyable podcasting experience and gives a much more human touch and feel to our shows.

There are other ways that Father Roderick has inspired me over the past year that I've been listening to his shows, and I am devoting this show to sharing these with you.

Father Roderick, thank you for sharing your life with me and so many other listeners around the world!

Check out Father Roderick at www.SQPN.com. In enjoy all of Father Roderick's shows, but my two favorites are The Daily Breakfast and the Catholic Insider.

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