036 Lost Podcast 08-04-06 Summer Lost Update!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 5, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

This lost podcast was recorded live using skypecast. To be added to our Generally Speaking Mailing List where you will be reminded to vote for our show on Podcast Alley on the first of each month and where you will be notifed of upcoming skypecasts where you can actually be a part of our show, then CLICK THIS LINK to get on the list!

Check out this wild podcast studio setup. At the last minute, I had to totally change the sound setup by bringing in our old desktop computer… Check out this photo BY CLICKING IT!


Jay and Jay were nominated for Peoples Choice & Entertainment podcast of the year at PodcastAwards.com. You can vote for their show, listed as “The Lost Podcast,” once a day every day through August 11th. Stephanie and Cliff really want to support this effort and they ask that you joing them in voting daily for their show. Anything that supports the lost podcasting community will ultimately come back and benefit the Generally Speaking Weekly Lost Podcast as well! Why not CAST A VOTE FOR THEM NOW?

In this podcast, I make a formal apology to Ralph Apel.

If you guys want to check out Ralph's Podcast, you can CLICK HERE and look for “Dharmalars.” I do warn you, they seem to push the limits of the exlplicit tag due to their use of language. This is not my criticism, but even listed in their own show notes as a warning.

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