038 Lost Podcast 08-18-06 S1 EP10 Raised By AN OTHER

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 19, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

This week we take a look at Cliff's favorite episode of Lost, Season 1 Episode 10 titled, Raised by AN OTHER. In this episode Cliff has a new revelation about Richard Malcoln and the incentive he had to change his mind after four months of urging Claire to keep her baby to putting her on FLIGHT 815 to give the baby up for adoption to “Good People.”


In my theory, I talk a lot about how the mural in the hatch looks an aweful lot like Thomas' paintings from his apartment. In fact, if you look at the two screen caps I did below, I've pointed out a face that seems to be exactly the same. It's reversed and in Thomas' apartment, we can see that it simply isn't finished with the detailed work, but it is OBVIOUSLY the same artist who did both murals.

Other things to notice is that in the hatch, the mural had several numbers. In a painting in Thomas' apartment, we see a number, 125, on the painting. Look really close at the 5's in both screen caps. They are the exact same “hand/paint” writing? You can click on these two screen caps to see much LARGER images.
click for larger image
click for larger image

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