039 Help I Got A Mac – Need More Space

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 12, 2008

in Help I Got A Mac


Help, iGot a Mac! – A podcast with the Mac Switcher in mind!

In this episode, Cliff and Chris discuss the following topics:

* Steve Jobs says they have the ability to erase an application from your iPhone without your concent.

* Happy Birthday to Steve Wozniack

* 30 Million Dollars in iPhone App Sales in the first 30 days.

* NetShare Application (discussed in episode 38 of Help I Got A Mac) does not appear to be coming back to the App Store.

* Cliff Asked if there was a free utility that would allow him to see how much space on the drive was being taken up by the contents of each folder on the Mac. Chris pointed Cliff to Disk Inventory X which did exactly what Cliff was looking for.

* AaronB from our forum shared THIS LINK about a concept that should help speed up your iPhone Backups

* bdegrande wrote in our forum: One of your callers asked about using the HandBrake application for backing up tv episodes of a dvd. It works without a problem, I have ripped several seaspns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes, I own them) for playback on my iPod Touch. When you put the DVD in, it will default to finding one episode (it will be the same one each time). This will be listed toward the upper left of the screen and will end with a time in minutes and seconds. This field is actually a dropdown menu which you can click to get to the other episodes, in my case I just look for files around 44 minutes long. There is also a presets drawer which you can display on the right hand side. I just select the iPhone/iPod Touch preset rather than adjusting all the parameters manually.

* Cliff shares how much he enjoys the PALRINGO iPhone Application Make sure that when you start using it, join the group “gspn”

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