039 Lost Podcast 08-23-06 S1 EP11 All Good Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 24, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

Season 1 Epsiode 11 Episode Review

In this podcast:

Audio Episode Recap

Character Analysis:
Jack & John first real issues?
Did Jack save Charlie's Life?
Boone and Shannon STILL NOT getting along!
Michael is a Daddy Issue!
Jack and Kate Bond!
Jack Stood Up To His Dad!

Exploring the Mystery:
Hurley Said “Back home, I'm known something as a warrior myself!”
John Locke: Regional Collections Supervisor for a box company! -Yeah Right!
Christian Shepherd: All about the greater good. 100's of 1000's of paitent's
Walt: Manifestation of his Gifts!
John Locke predicts the rain.
Ethan & Jack Fighting
Charlie: All They Wanted
-Lock is standing above it and says… Don't You FEEL IT?

Lost In The News
Listener Feedback
Podcast Update
Spoiler Update

Next Week is Season 1 Epsiode 12 – Whatever The Case May Be.

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