040 Lost Podcast 08-30-06 S1 EP12 Whatever The Case May Be

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 31, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

Season 1 Epsiode 12 Episode Review

In this podcast:

Audio Episode Recap

Character Analysis:
Kate and Sawyer clicking for first time
Kate breaks Jack's Trust
Rose helps Charlie through a Spiritual Crises
Sayid and Shannon relationship setup
And Much More….

Exploring the Mystery:
Valensetti Equation on the Map?
Le Mer lyrics hints to what is to come on the isand?
The Numbers 815 on the lockbox

Lost In The News
Listener Feedback
Podcast Update
Spoiler Update (Speical Thanks to Kyle Hughes and Ryan Ozawa)


New Season 3 Trailer on You Tube:

Kyle Huges Commented on Mr. Squinty as an infiltrator. Perhaps rather than thinking of him as another infiltrator, how about him being one of those taken by the others and now they are now converted? He found another person from the tailey section of the survivors in Live Together Die Alone.. see Screen Caps.

A New Poster For Lost Has been Released for Season 3 Click Here To See FULL SIZE!

Season 3 Character Promo Photos!

Next Week is Season 1 Epsiode 13 – Hearts And Minds

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