045 Biggest Loser – Rebranding Our Show

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 11, 2010

in Balanced Living Weekly

Biggest Loser Podcast

We are rebranding our show.

What is our show about? Not just the TV series, not just about weight loss.. it’s a motivational show, that wants to help you stay on target so you can reach the important goals in your life: a healthy weight, less stress, healthy food, fitness.. we also share related topics, like how to be more productive.

From your feedback, we know that you appreciate this broader approach. We want to continue to encourage you to stay on target in your life.

“Stay On Target” with Cliff Ravenscraft and Fr. Roderick?
Balanced Living Podcast?
We should have a new name next week.

Weight loss and fitness
Workout in the morning, afternoon or evening? Eat first, or afterwards?
tip: Nike running gloves allow you to still use the touch screen of your iPhone

Productivity, Time Management, and Stress-Free Living
Planning your day before you check your email.

Our Other Podcast Links:
Here are the iTunes Links for both Fr. Roderick's & Cliff's personal podcasts where they share their individual journey of pursuing a more healthy, balanced life.

Healthy Catholic Podcast with Fr. Roderick
Pursuing A Balanced Life with Cliff Ravenscraft

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