046 Balanced Living Weekly – A Balanced Thanksgiving Approach

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 18, 2010

in Balanced Living Weekly

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Topics Covered In This Episode:

What is the purpose of our show? Our show is all about purpose and balance!

Listener Feedback
Byron’s Comment on the site:
Great show gents,

It seems like you are helping me becoming the person that I was meant to be through helping me connecting with a group/community of like-minded people.

As a result of listening Father R and Cliff I have created my own call to action – I spend too much time on the computer, so…… staring yesterday I'm cutting the time I spend on the computer by at least 50% and spending more time enjoying vigorous out door exercising – hiking, walking, biking, gym workouts, planning my life and planning my meals/nutritional intake.

Seems like this community can and will empower, motivate, encourage (plus mush more) its members to:

* Learn what our PURPOSE is and how to learn to fulfill that purpose.
* Ask ourselves – who are we meant to be? And how do we learn how to become that person – how can we learn to overcome the challenges that lie before us?
* Make a commitment to what you want in life – there is no substitute for commitment.
* Learn the importance of focusing on our priorities – a healthy body and a spiritual mind helps create a amazingly powerfully state of serenity.
* Plus much more.

You guys are on to something, this I know.

Best regards,

What did you learn from the Biggest Loser this week?

How are things health/fitness/weight wise?

Lifehacker article about being more productive by waking up earlier
Lifehacker article

How to turn Facebook from a Jungle into a Zen garden
Steps I took after National Unfriend Day

Healthy thanksgiving food ideas?
Prepare lots of small, lean dishes rather than a few fattening, salty ones.
Add lots of bite sized veggies (bits of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, strips of bell pepper with a low fat dipping sauce etc.)

How to avoid going broke over Black Friday
– distinguish between want and need
– look back at what you really used after buying it last year. Shows you what is worth buying this year.
– set a budget!
– just because it's a deal doesn’t mean you should buy it. There will be other deals.

Tip of the week
– Difference between a daily to do list and a project to do list.

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