052 Business Tech Weekly – Priority Inbox And Do Clients Always Come First?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2010

in Business Tech Weekly

Cliff’s Initial Thoughts On Priority Inbox:
I like that priority inbox gives you three levels to your inbox. Top Level equals your highest priority emails to respond to. The Middle Level shows you your starred items. I love the starred items actually showing up in the inbox but separate from the rest of the emails. The Lower Level shows all your other messages.

One major issue that bugs me about the default setting is if I actually read a message in my priority inbox and don’t respond immediately, it puts it down in my “all other” inbox. I want it to stay at the top until I respond to it. Thankfully there is a setting to change it so it will keep all important emails at the top.

After about an hour of using Priority Inbox, I went in and turned it off. It was messing with my inbox count and I try to maintain a very low amount of emails in my inbox anyway. I will miss the feature of seeing the starred items, but I would have preferred those be at the bottom of the list anyway. I can see myself turning on the Priority Inbox in the future, if I get more than 50 emails behind.

The Client Comes First?:
Should the client come first? When is it appropriate to put yourself before the needs of your client or to put off meeting their needs till the next day or so?

GoTo Meeting w/ HD Faces Coming in Early 2011:
I was logging into GoTo Meeting the other day and saw an announcement on their page that they are bringing video conferencing to GoTo Meeting. Do other services do this already? Sure. But, as it is with GoTo Meeting, I just like how they plan to do it better than the competition. GoTo Meeting is like the Apple platform of Web Conferencing. Check out the following link for a 7 minute video demo.

Cliff Signed Up For Free 90 Day Trial of GoToWebinar:
Been using GoToMeeting for quite some time and LOVE IT. GoToMeeting allows me to have up to 15 people in the meeting for $49/month. GoToWebinar allows me to have have up to 100 people in the meeting for $99/mo. Also, GoToWebinar allows for the Raising of Hands, Questions, and Polls during the meeting. I’m pasting my affiliate links below:
GoToMeeting Free Trial: http://podcastanswerman.com/gtmeeting
GoToWebinar Free Trial: http://podcastanswerman.com/gotowebinar

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