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by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 11, 2010

in Business Tech Weekly

Xmarks is here to stay. At least for now.

37 Signals Announces The Suite Package
The Suite is a bundle of our four 37 Signals apps: Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire for one low price (starting at $99/month).

For the initial release of the 37signals Suite, they targeted three key customer requests:
Big savings over purchasing each app separately. Basically you get four for the price of just about two. Depending on which apps you have, and which plans you are currently on, the savings can be significant.
Simplified billing. Instead of getting charged separately for multiple apps, you’ll get a single charge from us on your credit card every month. You can update your credit card, upgrade your plan, downgrade your plan, or cancel all from one screen as well.
Unified users across all your apps. Before the Suite, if you had Basecamp and Highrise, you’d have to create the same users in multiple apps. That was a pain. The Suite shares uses across all the apps. You can create and manage all your users across all your apps from a single screen.

I, Cliff, haven not yet tried Basecamp yet. I think I’ll wait until client data is shared between the apps. I don’t to have to re enter email address, etc, into Basecamp.

My experience with webinars:
How it’s helped me to help more people.

Andy’s webinar is at 10am ET on Monday: http://AndyTraub.com

Inside The Studio Webinar This Weekend!

Webinar of How To Do Effective Webinars: http://webinar-tutorial.eventbrite.com/

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