by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 10, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

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What to say about this podcast?
Rather than tell you what I think about this episode of Generally Speaking which was RECORDED LIVE, I'll let Rachel Ziese, one of our listeners tell you what she thought about this podcast episode.

She wrote… The best podcast experience I've ever had – Reviewer: ziese52 11/11/06 12:03 AM EST

Full Comment: I can honestly say this is the best podcast experience I've ever had. I've been listening to Generally Speaking almost since the beginning and the addition of talk shoe has made it amazing for me. I usually listen at work and say all the things I'm thinking to the computer and my co-workers think I'm nuts. Now I have the chance to say what I'm thinking of what they say and Cliff and Stephanie respond right to me. I've loved the show for along time, for the dynamic between them and their thoughts on Lost, and now I love it even more. Keep doing this and I'll keep showing up!

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