057 Social Media Serenity – The Power of LinkedIn

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 9, 2010

in Social Media Serenity

Social Media Serenity
The Power of LinkedIn

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In this episode, Cliff and Erik are joined by Justin Lukasavige to discuss the power of Linked In for Business To Business Networking. Up to this point, I (Cliff) had thought of Linked in as a social network for people looking to get a job.

Notes from the conversation:
* Linked In is not just a network for people looking to get a job.
* There are amazing Business To Business opportunities on LinkedIn
* Over 75 Million users with an average of one new member every second.
* Average household income of the average Linked In member is $109,000/yr
* Groups on linked in are like community forums for niche topics.
* LinkedIn Answers are a great way to find answers to questions you might have.
* LinkedIn Answers is a great place to answer other's questions and be seen as an expert.
* Complete your profile, use keywords in Headline, Current Position, Past Position, Summary, & Specialty
* Cliff has been converted and will begin to interact with LinkedIn on a weekly basis.

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