061 Social Media Serenity – The Facebook Movie And More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 7, 2010

in Social Media Serenity

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The Social Network film on Facebook, Cliff has seen it two and ½ times (last 25 minutes). He loved it! Took Stephanie. Not family friendly at all. Do NOT take your kids. There is sex, drugs, wayout college life in this movie!

The FICTIONAL story of founding Facebook. One scene where Cliff wanted to stand up and cheer.

Eric has not seen it yet. Zuckerberg has seen it. He didn’t rate the film, but talked about what kind of effect it could have on Facebook.

Jeff Jarvis says the movie is anti geek, anti entrepreneurial. Cliff disagrees.

Cliff was geeking out through the whole movie! Cliff is anti-social?!?!

The other big thing is the money issue. How are we going to monetize this thing? It starts as a hobby.

All along with GSPN, Cliff has been approached to do this and that. He has had ONE person tell him he was stupid to do what he did by leaving his job.

Cliff thinks there’s a lot of valuable stuff in the book, Accidental Millionaire and the film. He totally resonated with it! He thought it was inspirational.

Who’s going to play Eric in the Generally Speaking film?

FaceBook announcements from yesterday:
Milking the publicity created from the movie.
1. Can download data; Now you can get it out. It’s pretty convenient to be able to download your stuff and back it up if you want to.

Cliff probably won’t want to; but some people are putting 100+ photos a week on FB.
FB doesn’t own everyone’s content. CR doesn’t think it speaks to the privacy at all.
Eric says it will give you the feel of more control over your account.

2. That they have a new dashboard (inside privacy settings, what apps have what permissions on your account, as well as restrict apps from your participation)

Is it active now? May not be released yet.

It’s internal settings. It’s always a good idea to look at them.

3. New Groups
Eric says Hmmm… Is this close enough to a Ning replacement? Cliff says their terms of service change so often, all of his intellectual property, that you are charging money for. Ning is better.

Eric reads Group announcement.

Added a bunch of new features to groups including Group Chat. You can use Groups for emails too. Emails turn into posts by default.

Cliff thinks it replaces Yahoo and Google Groups. More closely resembles LinkedIn Groups.

Create a group, decide who you want in. Built on FB (500 million strong).

Cool interactive tool.

Old group interface is there, but old groups still work. Old groups offered no notifications.
New Groups active today. Hopefully, new groups does notifications.

Cliff has GSPN Fanbook FacePage. Social Serenity; wants personal account. GSPN Forum is where
CR has control over his content. He gets notifications.

Eric says new FB Groups would have a family training area. A walled garden to learn. Facebook
with training wheels.

New Twitter.com interface:

Cliff finally got it. One of the things he noticed that he can’t do that he could before: he asks a
question, He could hit Reply on Eric; hit Reply next theRamenNoodle; hit reply next to whoever;
That functionality is gone.

Cliff: Biggest concern is how complicated it is now for new users. Before, all I’d have to do was
say just go to twitter.com and follow GSPN, etc. Not so now. Overwhelming. Moving away
from simplicity.

Eric wants to let everyone know about Wellness Break Podcast by Rob (Expert) and
Nick (Intermediate) and Eric is the newbie. It breaks down Health and Wellness.

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