062 Social Media Serenity – Cliff Has No Klout

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2010

in Social Media Serenity

Facebook Places Effect on Page Impressions and Growth:
Since Introduction Of Facebook Places, Page Growth and Impressions-Per-Post Are Down. How is Facebook Places effecting Facebook Pages?
(Link Here)

Facebook Updating The Comment System
…with Voting? Plus threaded commenting.
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Facebook Temporary Passwords:
Facebook has released a new feature to help users protect their accounts when they log into public computers: one-time passwords.The feature is simple: users that want to use a public computer but don’t want to risk using their sensitive passwords on it can text “opt” to 32665. If their phone is linked to their Facebook account, they’ll be texted back a temporary password that can only be used once and expires in 20 minutes.
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Facebook and Bing?
Facebook announces partnership with Microsoft Bing search engine
Facebook Blog

Klout now measures Facebook Influence
Klout.com Twitter influence measurment tool now coming to Facebook.
Read Write Web Klout for Facebook Article

Nutshell Mail:
An all encompassing email with notifications for any and all the social networks you want an update on, without sitting in the timeline all day. Schedule an email at a specific time on any day to give you an update on your twitter, facebook, etc.

Crissy suggested a Pet Peeve Segment:
Her pet peeve is shameless promotion

Fred Called In About His Twipocolipse Adventure:

David’s Twitter Issue With Unfollowing Someone:
Still getting their tweets.

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