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by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 28, 2010

in Social Media Serenity

What Are Hashtags on Twitter & How Do I Use Them?
This question came from the chatroom. Here’s the link I shared: https://gspn.tv/pabl

Why Should Anyone Use Twitter?
Cliff shares just how much Twitter means to him.

The New Myspace
Myspace has done a revamp. It seems almost like a specialized way to do Facebook Fan Pages, with more designability and content.
The New Myspace – Mashable Article

Paypal Announces Micropayment System and Facebook Partnership
PayPal has announced the launch of PayPal for Digital Goods, a checkout solution that lets users manage payments online with just two clicks. The company also announced a major partner: Facebook. Paypal & Facebook Partnership – Mashable Article

Changes to the Facebook Pages Admin Panel
If you’re the admin of a Facebook Page, just click edit page underneath your profile image to see the changes.
Facebook Pages Admin Panel Changes

Should You Become A Twitter Snob?
Mitch Joel @mitchjoel – http://www.twistimage.com/blog/ Says you should become a Twitter Snob. What does that mean? Why should you do it? And how?
Being A Twitter Snob Is A Good Thing – Mitch Joel
By the way, Andy Traub interviewed Mitch Joel for the Unofficial Linchpin Podcast Episode #004.

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