065 Business Tech Weekly – The Value of Relationship Management Software

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 20, 2011

in Business Tech Weekly

In this episode, Cliff and Andy talk about the following topics:

– Google Voice number porting – http://goo.gl/iG6SY

– The Amazon Card deal

– iPad compatible video for your website

– Update on the latest with Highris and CRM software

– Why you may want to avoid Free WordPress Themes – http://goo.gl/DecqC

– Fun article on How WordPress Themes actually work – http://goo.gl/ZEwIe

– Goo.gl get’s an API – http://goo.gl/rIf4k

– Skype aquires Qik for $100M – http://goo.gl/kjf1g

– Sales Copy Made Easy – http://goo.gl/i3LIH

– Mobile Payments Are Coming – http://goo.gl/Z96uw

– Virgin Mobile MiFi Changes to Unlimited Plan

– Changes to gspn.tv Plus Membership – https://gspn.tv/plus

– Join the community at http://gspncommunity.com

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