070 Weekly Lost Podcast – I Do Commentary – WARNING!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 21, 2007

in Weekly Lost Podcast

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie re-watch Season Three, Episode SIX of Lost titled, I DO. WARNING! If you are offended or hurt by anyone who shares a negative opinion of Lost or any of it's episodes, then you DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!

Cliff is very much a committed Lost fan. However, due to the way the first six episodes of Season Three had been written, and due to the all the summer hiatus hype about the Who Will Kate Choose, Cliff has come to despise both Kate and Sawyer as characters on the show. It is for this reason that during the commentary, Cliff pretty much gives the show a thumbs down review most of the way through this episode.

Cliff really did try to give I Do a 2nd chance as he went into this commentary with an open mind. However, the same feelings of disgust came to him as he viewed this episode this second time around. If you choose to listen to this episode, you have been warned!

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