071 Social Media Serenity – Will Social Media Really Help My Business?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 30, 2010

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, I am joined by Justin Lukasavige from http://CoachRadio.tv. Justin is a great friend and has a lot of valuable insights when it comes to how Social Media can help us in our business.

Justin and I talk about how we think businesses can benefit by using Social Media. We talked about Creating an outpost on services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Online formums, etc.

Once we have found the outposts that work for us, we create content that is valuable, both in the existing community and on our own blog/home base. Content can include blog posts, videos, audio podcasts, or simply ongoing conversations where we are helping people.

When interacting with people in social media, we have found that the following has been most beneficial to us in our business interactions. We spend about two hours a day, not all at once in the following way. About 25% of our time is for monitoring (reading blogs, google alerts, twitter search). About 25% of our time is for creating content. About 50% of our time is for commenting and talking to people (leaving comments, promoting other people).

Here are some links to things that you may find interesting after having listened to this episode:

– Home Depot Blog: http://goo.gl/DyeEO

– The Blog Podcast Mentioned: https://gspn.tv/pablcontagious

– How to subscribe and read blogs with google reader – http://goo.gl/hiQtF

– Free social media tutorials from Justin – http://goo.gl/RxIIS

Again, I want to thank Justin for filling in for Erik Fisher this week. Be sure to check out everything he’s doing over at http://CoachRadio.tv.

Call in your feedback on our voice mail hotline at 859-795-4067. Or use your voice memo application on your iPhone to record feedback or questions. Simply email it to [email protected].

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