073 Podcast Answer Man – Live Call Ins And Lyrics Tags

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 16, 2008

in Podcast Answer Man


In this episode:

1) Show Started off with an update on my web hosting issue that I shared in the last episode (ep 72). I'm sticking with my shared hosting account with Godaddy.com. If I ever need a web host in the future, I will very much re-consider going to mosso.com. They had great customer service and support!

2) Next up, I shared that I've been working with a lot of new podcast start ups. In this episode, I shared just two of them to give you and idea of what some folks are doing in the field of Podcasting.


3) I answer an email from Russell who asked about how to bring in live callers into his high-school sports broadcast. We talked about the use of a JK Audio Broadcast Host, Skype's Skype-In Service, as well as two suggestions… a) Use a hard wired connection for the internet, b) consider moving to a service like ustream.tv v/s windows media encoder.

4) Finally, we ended the show with a call from our good friend Wayne Henderson who loves the fact that I often will put fun stuff to read here in my lyrics tags.

I shared that my favorite mp3 tagging tool for the PC can be found for free at http://mp3tag.de

* Special thanks to Evan Agee at http://AgeeDesign.com/podcast for sponsoring this episode.

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