074 Business Tech Weekly – GMAIL Labels And YouTube Channels

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 7, 2011

in Business Tech Weekly

In this episode, we learn that GMAIL has provided an update that allows you to only display labels in your sidebar if they contain unread messages. This could be helpful in eliminating the need for multiple inboxes.

Andy says that YouTube is revamping it’s focus on “Channels.” Check out this story: http://goo.gl/WnIZT

Andy says if you want better customers, you need to get real. Authenticity is easier and it sells. Faking it is hard and you’ll eventually get found out.

Check out these videos that Andy Produced:
Talk at my church – http://goo.gl/71yTW
Video from the supermarket at 11pm – http://goo.gl/2cevl

Cliff mentioned episode 204 of Podcast Answer Man that includes a panel discussion titled “How To Become A Thought Leader And Influencer With Your Audio Podcast. Here’s a link: http://goo.gl/e4SYc

Elsie sent us a link to an amazing episode on productivity and workflows from the folks over at the Mac Power Users Podcast. Here’s a link: http://goo.gl/IrAJo

Andy shared that he’s been pretty happy with some new themes that he found. Details can be found on his site at http://www.andytraub.com/themes.

Cliff has sold 7 of his 20 spots for his Podcasting A to Z course in May and hasn’t officially begun to market the class yet. For details, contact cliff at [email protected].

Be sure to check out Andy’s weekly webinars at http://AndyTraub.com/learn

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