074 Social Media Serenity – Facebook May Have Giving Out Your Address And Phone Number

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 20, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

– Facebook Decides to app developers access to your address and mobile phone number. – http://goo.gl/1t5ks

– Facebook Halts Phone & Address Sharing (For Now) – http://goo.gl/iYcws

– Facebook’s Ad Revenue Hit $1.86B for 2010 – http://goo.gl/DiWIc

– Facebook Releases Mobile App For Feature Phones – http://goo.gl/ddXOW

– Facebook tool could help bring bands over from MySpace – http://goo.gl/iIz2m

– How are our Klout scores doing from last week?

– Chris Penn has an article on what Klout is really good for http://goo.gl/oPkXe

– Why Cliff decided on Ning for GSPN Community – http://gspncommunity.com

– Link to Episode 50 titled “Ning v/s BuddyPress” – http://goo.gl/4hfGP

– Changes to gspn.tv Plus Membership – https://gspn.tv/plus

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