075 My Crazy Life – Oneness Threat 5 – Extra Marital Affairs

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 5, 2007

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

Threat 5 – Extramarital Affairs!

Some think than an affair is limited to sneaking out to have dinner and possibly more with the secretary at work.
-However, most all marriages today suffer from extramarital affairs.

What is an affair?

* An extramarital affair is an ESCAPE from reality or a SEARCH for fulfillment outside the marriage.

Extramarital affairs take many different forms.

* Activities affair
* Materialism affair
* Career affair
* Family affair
* Love affair

We are often deceived into believing that we deserve complete fulfillment and perfect happiness. People develop an improper perception of reality from society. People compare their expectations and fantasies to real life. People begin to question reality but hardly ever question their fantasies. Because of this, people ESCAPE reality through extramarital affairs.

Extramarital affairs will ultimately end up in isolation.

That's the end of our discussion of the five threats to oneness in marriage. We hope and pray that this has been a beneficial topic to everyone. Everyone who enters into marriage wants to make it last for a lifetime. If we enter into marriage without knowing these five threats that lurk out there to threaten our relationship to our spouse, we can end up in isolation from the one we love. We are either growing together or growing apart in marriage.

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