075 Podcast Answer Man – Transferable Feeds

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 21, 2008

in Podcast Answer Man


In this episode I explain why it has been a few weeks since I last released an episode of the Podcast Answer Man podcast. Of course you can see the new layout of the site here. Believe it or not, this theme you see on this site is the exact theme that I used to build this site for a client. I mentioned that we recently released our 1,000th episode for gspn.tv. I also mentioned that I spent more than 10 hours working on this 30 minute video project. I didn't mention it in the episode, but this is another video project that I did for myself.

I took some time to answer a question from someone in the community regarding setting up an rss feed with feedburner so that you can change from one domain to another without asking your subscribers to subscribe to a new feed.

Here is a screen capture of where you change the original feed address in Feedburner:

Right Click Here To Download

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