076 Family From The Heart – Educational Options

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 21, 2009

in Family From The Heart


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Educational Options

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In this episode, Stephanie and I have a discussion about what, if anything, we need to do about a recent development in our home. Our son has not been doing well on his spelling tests. Matthew's birthday meant that we had two options of when to enroll him into school. Questions like “Did we put him in school too early?” and “Should we hold him back a grade?” have come up in the discussion. Of course there is an option of homeschooling Matthew while leaving Meagan in the school system, as she is thriving there.

We just briefly touch on different learning styles. We also talk about the fact that it may not be a bad thing that he's just not great at “test taking.” I share some of my past educational experiences when thinking about the subject.

Some things have happened since we recorded this discussion. I'm sure we'll bring this up again somewhere in upcoming discussions on Family From The Heart.

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