090 HIGAM – iTunes 9 And Much More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 21, 2009

in Help I Got A Mac


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In This Episode:

* Erik Fisher shares why he loves Snow Leopard and the improvements that it has meant to several processes that he runs.

* Mary called to say that iTunes 9 has broken her ability to sync Smart Playlists. (Note, I believe our friend Lee Andrew from the gspn.tv Community Forum helped solve this issue when he wrote…. “Personally not having any issues with iTunes. That said, everyone else who did, I told them to change to only selected podcasts from the playlists. So in the Podcast tap, make sure you scroll down to see Include Episodes From Playlists.”

* Tess called in to say that she really enjoys the feature that allows you to share music between authorized machines on your personal network.

* Mary Martin called in and explained that she has never synced her iPhone to a computer before. She's concerned about syncing between both work and computers and losing all her data. We discuss our suggestion for her.

* Jason called to tell us that he purchased an iPod Touch and that he's been using it as an iPhone with Skype.

* Daniel Lewis called with a question about batteries.

* John called with some thoughts on iTunes 9 and also about how much he's enjoying Madden Football on the iPhone.

* Cliff shares his experience uprading to iTunes 9. When it first loaded the iTunes Store it gave an error that said “iTunes requires Safari 4.0.3 or later to be installed to use the iTunes Store within iTunes. Use Software Update to download and install the latest version of Safari.”

* Cliff gives his rants about iTunes 9 and how it might affect the basic end user.

* Though Cliff did share that the Community Response to iTunes 9 is overwhelmingly positive in the forum discussion.

* Stephen came up with a theoretical way to create a keystroke to zoom for the chat room during live shows.

* John called to inquire if we used any microphone enabled apps to use with his iPod Touch.

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