091 Help I Got A Mac – Push Notifications

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 27, 2009

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Welcome to the Help, iGot a Mac Podcast!
A podcast with the Mac Switcher in mind!

In This Episode:

Brad called to tell us about a way to add extensions to phone numbers in the iPhone contact list.

Jason called to ask if there was a keyboard that he could attach to his iPod Touch.

John called to ask what our thoughts were regarding to the next big thing that will be coming from Apple.

Brad called again to share how he was about to get his iTunes Music On iDisk to play on his iPhone.

Frank called to share a lot of thoughts with us. He reported about an issue for those who have the tethering hack on their iphone not getting notifications of voice mails when they are left. Among other things.

Andy called in to ask if we thought he should get a Mac computer. Our answer may surprise you!

During the show, we talked a good deal about Push Notification Apps among other apps as well.

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