092 HIGAM – New Mac Minis Coming?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 4, 2009

in Help I Got A Mac

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Mac Mini's and iMac Refresh coming? Apple Insider posted earlier that Apple notified retailers that their Mac mini orders will not be filled at the moment — but soon. A later update states that the low-end Mac mini has been discontinued entirely, leaving us to believe that we'll be seeing a hardware upgrade shortly. Several of our tipsters work for Apple Authorized re-sellers who are running very low on desktop supplies, even an Apple Store tip says they have 4 iMacs in stock.

Users of Tweetie, the popular Twitter client for both Mac and iPhone, have reason to be excited: a new version of the iPhone app, Tweetie 2, is confirmed to be on the way. Not a free upgrade however, it will cost $2.99

Apple says 30% call failure is normal: An iPhone user aggravated with an unacceptably high rate of dropped calls on his iPhone, took it to a New York City Apple Store to have it checked for issues. The call dump statistics revealed a 22% drop rate on calls, which most of us would call “wicked awful” — but not Apple and AT&T. No, in this particular case the Genius told our hapless iPhone owner that he should count himself lucky, as Apple's baseline stat for dropped calls in NYC is a blistering thirty percent. Yes, almost one in three calls on an iPhone in the Big Apple will end with frustration, and that's just OK with everyone.

We also answered a few questions from the gspn.tv community.

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