100 Help I Got A Mac – Our 100th Episode

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 10, 2009

in Help, iGot a Mac!

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In This Episode, Chris and Cliff celebrate the 100th episode of this podcast. We also discuss the following items.

Apple buys LALA: The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times are both confirming that Apple has pulled the trigger and spent a minuscule fraction of those billions in cash on Lala. No numbers were announced, but the WSJ notes that an investment of $20 million in Lala from Warner Music Group was written down by more than 50% earlier this year.

Why Lala for Apple? The AP noted that Lala co-founder Bill Nguyen demoed an iPhone app in October thatallowed ‘intelligently cached' songs to be streamed to your iPhone, with therecently-streamed songs replayable even outside of cell coverage areas; Wired suggests that Lala's bundle-payment setup, where users buy stream credits, could save Apple's iTunes Store millions in credit card fulfillment charges. The deal is expected to put Nguyen and the Lala engineers on Apple's payroll, although the Times notes that Lala's agreements with the labels to stream music are non-transferable.

Google Chrome for Mac Released! Google released a beta of their Chrome browser for the Mac, nearly 14 months after the Windows version. Chrome is built on the WebKit engine, just like Safari. I've only used it briefly (I'm writing this post with it now), yet a couple of things are immediately apparent.

First is the lack of a search box. Instead, Google has built the “Omnibox,” which combines the search and address field. Begin typing and a list of results appears beneath the text field, including recent browsing history, search options and more. For a complete view, browse all of the results in a new tab. That's neat, but it'll take some getting used to.

When first launched, it offered to import my Safari bookmarks; a task it completed so quickly I thought there was an error. Tabs slide in and out of view and are smart enough (supposedly, I haven't tested this) to isolate crashes and keep them from bringing the whole browser down.

uStream Live Broadcaster is released! Ustream is offering a free app [iTunes link] that lets you put a live or recorded stream on the web that multiple people can watch from a web browser.

This is a rather stunning turnaround from just weeks ago when Apple did not allow any live streaming of video from the iPhone. This app supports the 3G and 3GS iPhones, and allows streaming over the 3G network and Wi-Fi. You can record the stream to your iPhone for a later upload, and it even works on 3G phones that don't have built-in video record capability.

The app allows you to share your recorded stream on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and of course the Ustream site. You can relay your GPS location and your URL appears in the video so you can tell your friends how to find you. Finally, you can archive your broadcast to the web for later viewing.

To get it all going you must create a free account. I tried it this morning, and it worked on both 3G and Wi-Fi. Video resolution is 320 x 240 pixels, and can be lowered to 176 x 144

Darrell sent a link to this article about jail broken iPhones.

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