109 Social Media Serenity – It Is Broken

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 6, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, Erik and I discuss the following:

– What is Twitter Jail? http://blog.bufferapp.com/twitter-jail
– Promoted Tweets From Brands You Don’t Follow http://goo.gl/q7S0h
– Twitter Photo Sharing To All Users http://goo.gl/BO1Ex
– Twitter Profile Images Gallary Hack http://goo.gl/uUFli
– Bit.ly aquires Twitterfeed http://goo.gl/d8Emd
– Find out who tweeted any url http://goo.gl/RLNql
– Spotify Tells everyone what I'm listening to?
– Hacker Group Aims To Destroy Facebook on Nov. 5 http://goo.gl/W0suh

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