123 Help I Got A Mac – More Than 600 Thousand iPhone 4 Pre Ordered!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 17, 2010

in Help I Got A Mac

Help, iGot a Mac!
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In this episode, Chris and I talk about long process of trying to reserve or pre-order the new iPhone 4 due to the fact that more than 600,000 people had been trying to place an order. We also share that the pre-order stock for iPhone 4 delivers were SOLD OUT by the end of the day. The only hope of getting an iPhone 4 at this time, if you didn't pre-order or reserve your store pick up in time would be to camp out at the local Apple Store the night before launch.

Also in this episode, we share some of our feelings about the Android operating system and how carriers can keep you from upgrading to the latest software version without first getting their approval, and after it's been loaded down with their software on top of it.

We took a call from John who asked about getting a keyboard shortcut for turning off the wifi on a Mac. We didn't have a solution for this. However, if you know of a piece of software that would allow this, would you call us at 859-795-4067 and leave us feedback with some insights on how this can be done?

Also, we suggested that John sell his used iPhone 3GS on CraigsList instead of another service in order to get a much higher resell price from it.

We wrapped the show by being fair and balanced and giving some benefits of having the new Sprint Evo smart phone. However, our recommendation to Matt Anderson is that he should go with an iPhone for his first entry into the smart phone market.

Oh, and you definitely should check out the iPad Archade box that we mentioned!

We want to invite you to give us a call with your Mac related questions! Call us at 859-795-4067 or send an audio file with your question.

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