123 My Crazy Life – Perfectionism and Unheard Podcast Episodes

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 7, 2007

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

Today, I address an issue that so many people face. What do you do about the number of Unheard Podcast Episodes that continue to build? There are four options…

1) You could stress about it and not take any action to get rid of that stress.

2) You could attempt to make certain that you listen to each an every episode non-stop. This option may require that you give up sleep and other essential areas of your life. But hey, it may keep you up to date on your podcast episodes.

3) Another option is simply cut out podcasts that you simply can't keep up with. This requires making a decision of which podcasts to keep. This can be harder than you might imagine. I tried this once and found that there were times when I wasn't up to date with all the podcasts that I still subscribed to, but at the time, I wanted to listen to the recent episode of another podcast that I had recently unsubscribed from.

4) However, the fourth option is the route that I've decided to go with this dilemma. I simply subscribe to as many podcasts that I might even remotely be interested in. I give myself permission to not listen to any of them if I so desire. I give myself permission to listen to miss the past 8 episodes of my favorite podcast and only start listening to the most recent episode and continuing on without ever going back to listen to those missed episodes. (Laugh if you want, but for me, this was a very hard concept for me to swallow.)

The fact is that I now consider unheard podcast episodes, AND LOTS OF THEM, as my own personal ON DEMAND MEDIA WORLD! I can now listen to what I want, when I want. And if I have some free time when I want to listen to a podcast. Heck, I literally have the world to choose from!

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