132 Help I Got A Mac – The New Apple Snob

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 19, 2010

in Help I Got A Mac

Help, iGot a Mac!
A podcast with the Mac Switcher in mind!

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In this episode Cliff and Chris discuss the following:

* Proof that the Apple iPad existed back in 1973 (LINK)
* There is a major graphics driver update for many Mac Users. Be sure to do your updates!
* iTV rumor
* 7 inch iPad rumor
* Smart Playlist option for Chef Mark
* How much battery life can I expect from an iPod Touch
* Stephen's Time Machine Backup Testimonial
* What if your Windows partition gets a virus?

We want to invite you to give us a call with your Mac related questions! Call us at 859-795-4067 or send an audio file with your question.

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