133 Podcast Answer Man – Leo Laporte Admits That Nobody Cares About Podcasting

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 3, 2009

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Podcast Answer Man Episode 133
Leo Laporte Admits Nobody Cares About Video

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In episode 130, I shared some audio clips from a talk that Leo Laporte gave at the Online News Association Conference in San Francisco recently.

In that talk, Leo had shared that he made over 1.5 million dollars last year from advertising on his podcast network. Soon after sharing this revenues from the previous year, he stated that “Podcasting, essentially, is dead.”

Of course, in that episode, I argued that podcasting is what earned Leo his 1.5 million dollars, not live video. In fact, I played audio clips from his talk where Leo shared that with us.

In this episode, I share two very important things from two different podcasts that Leo produces. In episode 13 of This Week In Google, Leo shared that this year, Leo has already earned 2.5 million dollars from his podcasting. Doesn't sound like a dead industry to me.

However, even more shocking than that, I was blow away by something that Leo shared in This Week In Tech episode 218. If you go and try to find the quote I'm talking about in the episode from the TWiT.tv website, you will not be able to find it. In fact, the episode had been pulled offline, edited, and re-released without the quote included in the episode.

Luckily, I had my original copy in the recycle bin on my laptop. In this episode, I share the audio where Leo says… “This is nuts… I spent all this money to broadcast video. Who's watchin'? Nobody's watchin' video. They all just listen in their car. Nobody wants this.”

I admire and respect Leo Laporte a great deal. I credit him for my inspiration to get into podcasting. As shared in this episode, I've found great success in finding my passion in the field of podcasting and have found a way to support a family of five with a career in podcasting myself.

I know that Leo doesn't really believe that podcasting is dead. However, those are the words he spoke. Those words were spoken to a great number of people who don't understand podcasting at all. I got upset with Leo when he said that because he was setting up a powerful story about the power behind podcasting and then totally turned a possibly interested crowd away form the thought of pursuing podcasting.

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