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by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 11, 2010

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The Pygmalion Effect: From Dan Miller’s Book, The Rudder of The Day
Remember the famous experiment called the Pygmalion Effect? Twenty-five grade school teachers were told their students were underachievers from apathetic families. Another twenty-five were told their students were high achievers from supportive families. The test scores of the “underachievers” dropped by 25 points, while the scores of the “overachievers” increased by 50 points. However, the students had been randomly divided into the two groups. All factors were equally distributed; the only difference: the expectation of the teachers.

Wow–how might that apply in our own lives? Expect excellence from your children and you are likely to see it. Expect better things from your spouse and it’s likely to happen. Expect more from yourself and you will move to a higher level of success. Expect a better job and it will happen, expect extraordinary results in your business and you will “see” ways to make that happen.

People sometimes cringe at being told this principle. We all like to have something or someone to blame for our misfortunes. Circumstances, family history, our spouse, our boss or our “luck” are likely candidates for finger pointing. Start believing that “luck” is when preparation meets opportunity.

– Are the thoughts above applicable when we say things like “McKenna is terrified of the dentist and she simply will not sit still to let him work on her teeth.”?

– Is expecting excellence from our children appropriate? (Hold your hands as high as you can example)

– What are some areas in our lives where we feel we need to expect more from ourselves?

– What does that statement “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” mean to you?

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