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by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2010

in Help I Got A Mac

Crissy Needs A Mac:
Crissy is finally sick and tired of Windows and ready to make the switch to Mac. We give her some advice based upon what she is looking for.

Next Apple Event Goes “Back to the Mac”
Following recent events focused on iOS, the iPhone and the iPod and iTunes, Apple’s next media event will shift its focus “Back to the Mac.”The event will be held on October 20, 2010 in Cupertino. As you can see from the invitation, not only does it look like new laptops might be announced at the event (hence the aluminum looking facade), but we might just get a preview of the next version of Mac OS X.

Sparrow Google Mail App:
Cliff learned about Sparrow Google Mail App from Erik Fisher. This is a desktop mail client for the Mac. Using web based mail was a bit of a pain when you simply wanted to click on an email hyperlink only to have it pull up the default Apple mail client that had never been configured. Setting up Sparrow is a total breeze and it supports multiple Google Email Accounts.

Chris added a note about the Mailplane App.

PlainText App:
Another application that Erik Fisher told Cliff about was the PlainText DropBox text editor application for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Cliff explains why this is so cool.
(Link Here)

Windows Phone 7 Syncing for Mac Coming Later This Year
Sometime in 2010, Mac users will get the ability to sync Windows Phone 7 devices with their Mac computer.Microsoft UK’s head of Windows Phone marketing, Oded Ran, first tweeted that WP7/Zune syncing with Mac is coming “soon”, with Microsoft later confirming it’ll happen this year.

John Asks For Thoughts On Set Top Boxes:
We answer the question as to whether or not we will be getting an Apple TV at $99.

ROKU now in Retail Stores:

Chris has details. :)

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