143 Help I Got A Mac – Use Your Old iMac As An External Display

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 4, 2010

in Help I Got A Mac

– iPad iOS 4.2 goes gold, Chris has hands on report.
– Apple confirms MacBook Air bugs internally – http://bit.ly/aGaRK6
– AT&T says T-Mobile’s fake 4G network isn’t the biggest http://bit.ly/ax9VIl
– MacOSKen Podcast – http://macosken.com
– No More Personal Shopping Appointments?
– iPhones shipping within 24hrs for the first time since its launch.
– Kylie’s question about Dual Screen: http://www.screenrecycler.com
– PlainText app on the iphone is about 98% unresponsive
– Cliff is now running with 12Gigs of RAM
– CrossoverMac – CodeWeavers.com

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