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by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 24, 2011

in Family From The Heart

n this episode of Family From the Heart Cliff and Stephanie talk about there travels to the Caribbean. From topless beaches to public speaking they discuss the ups and downs, or in Stephanie’s case side to side (Sea legs), of their cruising experience.

Themes include; why some vacations are more educational than the homework brought along, experiences with sickness on vacation, and publicly speaking about podcasting and how their family as a whole make up the gspn.tv team. It’s never too early to learn that you can make a living at doing something you love, to get inspired, or to learn how the rest of the world differs from your own backyard.

Meagan's Vase:
This vase was made by the folks from the Corning Museum of Glass. They had a live demonstration while we were on our cruise and Meagan won a design contest, where they chose her design and actually created this as the result.

Words can not begin to express how much fun our entire family had on Dan Miller's No More Mondays Cruise. It took us three years to get to the place where we could afford to do something like this.

In hindsight, this trip was a major investment in, not only our business, but our family as well. Over the course of eleven days, this journey changed the dynamics of our family and provided life lessons that could only be experienced hands on, rather than being read about in a book.

The following footage is about 21 minutes in length. A majority of the photography and video footage was done by our three children who are ages 11, 9, and 5. Please keep this in mind when you encounter portions of the video that may not be as steady as you would like.

Here's another video done Joel Boggess and his wife, Dr. Pei Kang from http://4pointscoaching.com.

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