152 Help I Got A Mac – The Verizon iPhone Is A Reality!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 13, 2011

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In this episode, Cliff and Chris discuss the following topics:
– Verizon iPhone is official!
– Verizon iPad coming with connectivity built in.
– iOS 4.3 beta is out with some rather cool features
– Multi-Touch Gestures
– Rumor of no more home button on iPad/iPhone
– Cliff has heard that the rotation lock may come back to the switch on the side of the iPad.
– VirginMobile to cap unlimited MiFi at 5gb starting in Feb.
– Stephen Cross called in regarding Mobile Me Thoughts
– Anne called in about her new iMac and about Automator
– Geoff Gentry called in about Twitter For Mac
– Mitchell called in to ask if there was an alternative to iDVD – Roxio Toast!
– With the new Mac App Store, can you buy once and use on all systems?
– Crissy From Long Island – iMovie Woes.

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