156 Family From The Heart – Content To Call This Place Home

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 14, 2011

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Stephanie and I talk about how we are both feeling quite content to call Northern Kentucky home, putting to rest, for now, any thought of moving somewhere else.

We shared some a little bit of a Soul Surfer Movie Review. We would like to invite you to watch our video review that we did on the following blog post: https://gspn.tv/SoulSurfer

I talked about the blog post that I wrote on Monday which was the anniversary date of the first time Stephanie and I ever met, sixteen years ago. You can see the photo of us together back then and even read a few things from my personal journal at the time. The blog post can be found at: https://gspn.tv/16yearsago

We explained that there has been a great deal of discussion happening in the comments section of Family From The Heart episode 155. If you want to read and/or participate in the discussion, please feel free to check it out at: http://goo.gl/PuLWS

I also shared a little big of a blog post from Anne’s blog in this episode in hopes of bringing her some hope and encouragement related to some pretty critical feedback that she had received regarding her sharing her journey of recovery from anorexia. If you want to follow Anne’s journey and encourage her along the way, check out her blog at: http://intercontinentallife.blogspot.com

We wrapped up the show with a story of how we are going to be heading back down to Florida in June on an all expenses paid trip to Disney World. These types of trips are the ONLY THING I miss from my days spent as an insurance agent.

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