158 Almost Daily Devotional – Did I Just Find A New Label For Myself?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 28, 2011

in Almost Daily Devotional

The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America, by Gabe Lyons was referred to me by my good friend D.G. Hollums. I've only just got into the book, I think I'm on chapter three. So far, I'm liking the direction the book seems to be taking. It talks about how our American culture, today, is no longer a “Christian culture.” It argues that while many may want to fight this shift, there is little evidence that supports the possibility of things going back to the way things were.

In this episode of the Almost Daily Devotional, I share some of my initial thoughts on a new category given to Christians that I may actually consider myself to fit into. I posted a discussion topic in the gspn.tv online community forum at http://goo.gl/1G3ha

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