163 Full Time Mom – More Dancing And Matthew Thinks Ahead About Homeschooling

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 24, 2011

in Full Time Mom

In episode 163 of Full Time Mom, Stephanie talks about the new logo and artwork for the show and gives a huge thank you to Jenny H.

Stephanie talks about how @ICanMom made her day by talking to her about home-schooling. She also discusses Meagan getting more into dance and ballet as well as the cost and work that will go along with it.

Matt thinks ahead about home-schooling and Stephanie looks forward to start planning how to go about home-schooling. Stephanie breaks her oath and plans to paint again, not only that, but also redoing Matt’s room so it can be a better utilization of the space.

Lastly, this weekend Cliff and Stephanie head to Nashville for PodCamp Nashville.

Also in this episode Anne from Germany provides audio feedback about how spending time with children is so much more than house works and reflects on her childhood and how that was the way she was raised and how she appreciates Stephanie’s attitude to being a stay at home mom, and also talks about how much she enjoyed reading Redeeming Love.

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