165 Podcast Answer Man – Billions of New Potential Podcast Subscribers

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 25, 2010

in Podcast Answer Man


Billions of New Potential Podcast Subscribers

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In this episode, I talk about what to do when other podcasters in your niche start talking trash about your show and other shows in your niche.

I answer David's question about how to change your artwork and description that is found on your iTunes listing page.

I share an issue that I've been having on my Mac when deleting items off my SD card where it is not freeing up that memory. A few solutions are provided to solve this issue.

Juan emailed me with a few questions about podcasting and I chose to go ahead and include those here in the podcast as well. If you have questions about podcasting and don't have money in the budget to hire me for one on one consulting, please submit your questions via audio feedback to 859-795-4067.

I mention that WordPress 3 has been released, though I've not yet had time to update any of my sites yet. I would suggest running it on a test site first with all your plugins to see how it reacts. Of course, I strongly suggest a complete backup of all your WordPress folders and subfolders, as well as your SQL Database, before upgrading to 3.0 just to be safe.

I shared this article I found over at Libysn about the fact that iTunes is going to do something that will potentially expose us to BILLIONS of new potential podcast subscribers.

Oh and one more thing; in this episode, I mentioned the talk that I gave at Podcamp Ohio titled “Making Money With Your Podcast.” I am making this available for free to anyone who is subscribed to the Podcast Answer Man Mailing List. If you are not on the list, click here to subscribe. Once you are on the list, please send an email to [email protected] with “Podcamp Ohio Talk” as the subject line and my assistant will confirm you are on the mailing list and will send you a link to the page where you can either stream or download the talk.

Discuss podcasting with other listeners in the Podcast Answer Man section of the gspn.tv Community Forum.

PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm also available for one on one podcast consulting. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] or call me at 859-757-1399.

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